Why another fucking site?
Why the fuck NOT?!?!

What the fuck is this site for?
I made this site for fun to show off my snaps from my trips to Australia.  

What is “Heaps Keen”?
Heaps and keen are two slang words I hear a lot in Australia.  I put them together for fun.

What is so special about Australia?
Been going there since 1988.  Love the cities, friends and beaches!

What camera did you use for these awesome photos?
I used my iPhone for everything these days!  Simple, easy and good.

When were these photos shot?
Shot from 2018 to January 2020.

Are you done making websites?
Not sure, I have too many ideas and a lot of free time.  Ugh.

How many photos do you have from Australia?
Too many to count.  I hope to update this site regularly so please check back!

Where is your favorite place in Australia?
Bondi Beach, DUH!

Why does this matter?
Honestly… it doesn’t matter, it’s just fun.